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Archive for March 2019

[Video] Daylight Savings Time Check

FDS Daylight Savings

  Daylight Savings Time Check It’s that time of year again when we are adjusting the clocks, either springing forward or falling back.  We’re more aware of time because of our surroundings. Either it’s still light out longer or getting dark sooner.  Time is important. We never seem to have enough. We all have the…

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Does The Market Affect Your Happiness?

Financial Design Studio Financial Happiness

Does The Market Affect Your Happiness? Remember the saying “If momma aint happy, aint nobody happy”? This seems to resonate closely with investors. If the market aint happy, aint nobody happy. After a strong first quarter of the market performing higher and coming back from the end of 2018 lows investors were starting to feel…

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[Video] Does One Size Fit All?

Financial Design Studio one size fit all

[Video] Does One Size Fit All? STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® Hats…I love hats.  I have some that are falling apart because I’ve worn them so much.  They come in all different shapes, styles, or colors. Some are fitted and some you can fit with the adjustment in the back which says one size fits all.…

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