[Video] Small Business Retirement Plan Options: 401(k)

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[Video] Small Business Retirement Plan Options: 401(k) STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA ® We have already talked about setting up a retirement plan for a company that’s not incorporated.  What if your company is incorporated? What options are available now with a 401(k) and what’s different? With an S-Corp you’re required to pay yourself a reasonable salary.…

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Can Markets Correct Themselves?

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Can Markets Correct Themselves? Much of the current market pullback over the past few weeks has been instigated by talks of higher interest rates.  Fear that higher interest rates will push us into a recession has kept investors concerned. There are analysts who oppose the Fed continuing to raise interest rates when it could hurt…

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Positive Earnings Lead The Market Higher

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Positive Earnings Lead The Market Higher This week had a full calendar of corporate earnings reported.  Let’s review these results to consider what to expect in the weeks ahead. Bank of America: 6.45% Positive Surprise Netflix: 30.88% Positive Surprise Abbott: In Line with Expectations PayPal: Positive Honeywell: Positive Schlumberger: Positive The majority of corporate earnings…

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High Momentum to JUST Growth?

Financial Design Studio Market Decline

High Momentum to JUST Growth? This week brought a pullback in the market like we haven’t seen in a while.  The past two years has really brought strong market returns that many investors have enjoyed.  So after a few days where the market has moved lower, analysts start to ask “why?” and how long will…

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Digesting The Weekly News

Financial Design Studio Weekly News

Digesting The Weekly News Why does the market continue moving higher when the news we read seems to only provide reasons it shouldn’t be?  Let’s review a few news pieces we’ve seen this week to understand how they apply to your portfolio. More people employed and higher wages helps the stock market? We continue to…

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[Video] Stepping Back to Move Forward

Financial Design Studio Move Forward

[Video] Stepping Back to Move Forward MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFA ® This summer our daughter started swimming lessons outside again and we were reminded of the progress she had made the year before.  The first week into her second year we noticed it was a little bit tough and she was starting to doubt herself. We…

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