Be Careful Of Financial Short Cuts

Financial Design Studio Financial Short Cut

Be Careful Of Financial Short Cuts At various times in your life you may remember when you tried to find a short-cut.  And if you decided to take that short-cut did it help you in the long run to achieve the goals you were hoping for? Your finances and investing short-cuts are no different. You…

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Don’t Get Caught in the War of Words

Don’t Get Caught in the War of Words This week we have seen the trade talks now move to a new stage.  Moving from mere words to actual follow-through of them have many considering what action to take.  We want to caution you not to get caught in the middle of this war of words.…

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[Video] Happy Father’s Day

[Video] Happy Father’s Day STEPHEN & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, EA & CFP® We wanted to share some things we learned from our dads on Father’s Day! Steve: I can remember a time when my parents dropped me off for camp and my dad saying, “If you want friends you have to be a friend.” My dad…

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Summer’s Economic Progress Report

Financial Design Studio Economic Status

Summer’s Economic Progress Report School’s out for a summer break, but that doesn’t mean the markets will take a break!  In fact, we were encouraging you a few weeks ago to skip the “Sell In May And Go Away” investing theory that believes summer is quiet with nothing to gain by staying invested.  This week…

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