[Video] Other Gift Options

MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® Let’s talk about gift options for when you just can’t think of someTHING to give.  This is part of our year-end checklist of items for year-end but also specific to the giving season.  There are people that you just can’t think of the perfect item for, so here are some other ideas.…

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Consider The Economic Cycle

Economic Cycle

Consider The Economic Cycle Deciding how to invest a portfolio starts with where we believe we are in the economic market cycle. Many well respected analysts believe the market potentially has another year to run and keep moving higher with a potential late 2018 or 2019 pullback where we could see a recession.  So believing…

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[Video] Being Thankful

Thanksgiving Financial Design Studio

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA & MICHELLE SMALENBERGER, CFP® What reminds you of Thanksgiving?  Is it gathering around the table with family?  Is it going to grandma’s house?  Is it football or pumpkin pie? Think back to the very first Thanksgiving, when the pilgrims left England with everything they had in the boat.  They still celebrated, because…

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[Video] Ways To Make Charitable Donations & Contributions

Financial Design Studio Charitable Contributions Video Header

Ways To Make Charitable Donations & Contributions This time of year especially people are thinking about charities and year-end donations.  Even events like the recent hurricanes prompt people to consider how they can give.  This is one item on our year-end tax planning checklist.  Be sure to download your copy! STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA   Let’s…

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Volatility Ahead In Tax Reform

Financial Design Studio Volatility Ahead

Volatility Ahead In Tax Reform Remember this post from back in July?  “Caution: Speed Bumps Ahead”  The items mentioned in that post just months ago sure seem familiar today. This is a fair look at how the cycle of politics is ever-spinning and the effect it can have on the market. In July, the political…

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