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Archive for August 2017

Friday’s Financial Update 8-11-2017

What difference do you notice in the pictures below? These two pictures represent the S&P500 Index performance from this past week and of course, an amusement park roller coaster.  The path each of these took is the same.  So what can we learn and where do we go from here? First, how did the ups…

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[Video] Roth Conversions: What Are They & How Do They Work?

STEPHEN SMALENBERGER, EA We want to introduce a design element that we like to use in financial plans, when it makes sense.  And this strategy is known as the Roth Conversion. Money may be put into a Roth IRA in two forms: Contribution(s) Conversion(s) As explained in prior articles and videos, the Roth IRA contributions…

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The Cost of Uncertainty

Michelle Smalenberger, CFP® When investing in a stock, we choose to buy or sell based upon our expectation of what a company’s revenue and profits will be going forward.  Continued growth happens because of a good business plan, forward-thinking ideas and a solid grasp of what their customers want.  In order for companies to be…

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